Argyroxiphium sandwicense subsp. macrocephalum – ‘Haleakala Silversword’

          Horticultural Notes clumps to 30″ across with flowers spikes to 4′ or more          Silversword are clumping perennials with rosettes of long, silvery leaves that have a shallow root system and are very sensitive to damage.  In the past goats and pigs not only devoured the leaves but injured the roots while browsing.  The leaves store water for long periods.  … Read More

Antidesma platyphyllum – ‘Hame’

          Horticultural Notes to 15′          Hame is a small tree with shiny oval leaves that are cupped and tend to fold together.  The leaf color is often a distinct yellow green.  There are male and female plants and the wood is very hard and was used for tools and in house construction.  The fruits are edible and a red dye … Read More