Vinca ‘Deep Lavender’

          Deep Lavender Periwinkle


Horticultural Notes

12-15″ x 18-24″          Vinca (Catharanthus) are perennial herbs with large, up to 2″ across, colorful flowers.  They are nearly ever-blooming and are of easy culture.  Deep Lavender has striking lavender colored flowers.  The real trick with these plants is to keep them well fertilized.  When happy and well fed these Vinca will be covered with blooms.  Shear back leggay plants and fertilize to get more compact plants.  Plant in full sun to light shade and give moderate watering.

NOTE:  Vinca can and will self sow in the garden.

Vinca is only the common name here, these plants are varieties of Catharanthus roseus.