Petchoa ‘Grape’

          Grape Petchoa


Horticultural Notes

10-14″ x 12-18″          Plant breeders have a home run with Petchoas, a hybrid cross between Petunia and Calibrachoa, with the best characteristics of both.  First the foliage is non sticky, as all Petuniaa are.  Second the flowers are much larger than Calibrachoa, although somewhat smaller then the largest Petunia varieties.  The color range is extensive, blues to red to purple.  These perennials are strong performers in the garden, taking heat, wind and rain in stride.

Grape Petchoa is a new addition to the group with vibrant purple-pink colored flowers and yellow centers.  Cut back into green leafy areas after a flush of bloom and fertilize for another show.  Plant in full sun to light shade and give moderate water.