Geranium ‘Rozanne’

          Rozanne Cranesbill



Horticultural Notes

24″ x 15″          I like to call this plant the best perennial in the world.  Rozanne grows from Hawaii to England, is very easy, flowers nearly constantly and is simply a beautiful plant.  It shines with nearly non-stop blue flowers.  Shear plants lightly to freshen and fertilize for more blossoms.  As plants mature they can be cut back harder, to the crown, to rejuvenate them.  Of course always fertilize after pruning.  Plant in full sun to light shade.


Rozanne is a true Geranium.  The names here have always been confusing to the general gardening public.  Nearly all the plants that most people call Geraniums are actually Pelargoniums.  Martha Washington Geranium or Scented Geranium or Ivy Geranium are all Pelargoniums.  True Geraniums have flowers with 5 petals nearly identical and symmetrical, while Pelargonium flowers have 2 upper flowers that are different than the 3 lower petals and are not symmetrical.