Echinacea ‘Summer Breeze’

          Summer Breeze Coneflower


Horticultural Notes

12” x 18”     Echinacea are perennials with large daisy like flowers from the prairies of the US mainland.  Summer Breeze has large bright yellow blooms.  Plant in full sun, and supply average water.


Although deciduous in the colder prairie region they are evergreen in Hawaii.  And this sets up the garden trick to keep them going here.  We must not let them go dormant because they may not wake back up.  Echinacea need to be kept in active growth, so after flowering look for new leaf growth and then cut the old flower stem out completely and fertilize.  If you do not see new leaf growth only cut the flower itself off and fertilize.  Keeping plants well fertilized is essential.  Plant in full sun, and supply average water.