Artemisia mauiensis

          Ahinahina, Maui Wormwood

Artemisia mauiensis




Horticultural Notes

to 2′ x 4-5′ Ahinahina is an evergreen shrub clothed in finely divided, silvery leaves. Like most members of the genus Artemisia the leaves have a distinct ‘sage brush’ scent. And like many other native peoples the Hawaiians used the aromatic leaves as an insect repellant, in this case to protect their feather cloaks.[1]   (Note: Ahinahina means very gray or perhaps white-haired in Hawaiian and is also commonly used for other natives such as the Silversword.)
Although found in Haleakala Crater at high elevation, Maui Wormwood can also be grown as a garden plant at lower elevations, but not really on the coast. Its silvery color makes a bold accent in the garden and like most members of the genus this Wormwood is drought tolerant when established.  Plant in full sun, use fertilizer sparingly and give very good drainage